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Five Fun Facts About Lee Yi Kyung

BY Julie Jones | Jul 08, 2014 11:54 AM EDT


Anyone who watches more than one drama at a time, may find it easy to get confused, especially if an actor has roles in two of them. So when Lee Yi Kyung started shoving money at Jung Eun Ji in "High School King of Manners," viewers may have wondered why they remembered him as a much nicer character.

He was but he was nicer in his other role in "You're All Surrounded." In "You're All Surrounded" he is the somewhat more ethical son of the mean bag lady who hit Go Ara's mom and may be implicated in the murder of Lee Seung Gi's mom.

In "High School King of Manners," he's a bratty singer who hates Ji Hyung Woo's character and is mean to trot singer Jung Eun Ji.

Here are a few more things you may want to know about this actor.

1. He saved the life of 2AM member Jo Kwon. As Jo Kwon's manager was taking something out of Jo Kwon's car, the manager accidentally flipped a switch on the portable gas stove.

 "If it wasn't for actor Lee Yi Kyung, I would've been in big trouble," said Jo Kwon at the press conference for his drama "God of the Workplace."

He fell asleep and Lee Yi Kyung woke him up.

"If he didn't call me, I would've been in big trouble," and "I did intake a bit of the gas while I was asleep but after being treated at the hospital, there are no major problems."

2. He wanted to know what it was like to work on both sides of the camera so he worked on the production crew of "Going South."

"I wanted to experience being behind the camera rather than just standing in front of it as an actor," he said in a 10Asia interview.  "The job was to block cars and keep the site under control, and I wanted to try it so badly."

The director told him the job was too hard.

"But I kept on asking him so he gave in. I was a motor vehicle driver in military, so he asked me to drive a bus. That's how I participated in "Going South."

3. Acclaimed director Kim Ki Duk cast him in the film ""One on One." In 2012, Kim's film "Pieta" won the Golden Lion award at the 69th Venice International Film Festival. It's not Lee Yi Kyung's first film as he appeared in "one Night, Two Days."

4. He has not dated publicly but he said that his ideal type of girl is Girls Generation's Taeyeon.

5. He plays two unconventional instruments, the djembe, which is an African goblet drum, and the cajon, a Peruvian percussion instrument.

Before Lee Yi Kyung landed his current roles, he had roles in "Nine: Nine Time Travels," "You Who Came From Another Star," "School 2013" and "The Blade and the Petal."

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