Triangle' Shin Seung Wan And Kim Jae Joong As Great Friends


MBC Monday/Tuesday special drama "Triangle" Shin Seung Hwan said that they would be a supporter of his friend Kim Jae Joong and was given attention to be a forever friendship.

On the 20th episode of MBC Wednesday/Thursday drama "Triangle", the drama featured the two Shin Seung Hwan (played by Yang Jang Soo) and Kim Jae Joong (played by Huh Young Dahl) as lifelong friends.  As Kim Jae Joong became the executive director of a large casino, he was picked in the client relations team and therefore, had "succeeded" because of his friend.

Nonetheless in actuality, Shin Seung Wan was the only friend who believed in Kim Jae Joong when everyone else had ignored him.  From the beginning of the drama, he had helped Kim Jae Joong full force and took on the role of a supporter.  On the episode aired on July 8th, Shin Sueng Hwan also looked at Jung So Hee (president Min) that was opening a casino game and was extremely nervous.  He bet 3 million dollars and couldn't hide the fact that he was anxious.

Meanwhile, "Triangle" is about three brothers that separate after losing his parents and live for twenty years without even knowing the existence of each other. As they reconnect as brothers, the drama portrays the story of their love and success.

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