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Five Reasons To Watch “Fated To Love You”

BY Julie Jones | Jul 14, 2014 10:59 AM EDT


"Fated To Love You" is only in third place in the Wednesday-Thursday night ratings but the comedy has a lot going for it. The first and second place contenders are definitely worth watching but you may also want to catch this comedy when you can. Here's why:

1.     The Jang Hyuk-Jang Nara reunion. The actors reunite here 12 years after appearing in "Successful Story of a Bright Girl." Some of this year's k-drama actor-actress reunions have been very entertaining and a few are yet to come. But this one sparks with chemistry. The characters they play start off sleeping together and have to establish a relationship after that but the attraction between them is touching. Like so many k-drama male leads he starts out being oafish and unlikable, but he quickly feels protective toward her. It's hard not to root for this couple.

2.     Whether you like tough unbeatable k-drama heroines or prefer meek ones, viewers may also feel protective toward Kim Mi Young, played by Jang Nara. They call her post-it girl because she can't say no. If someone asks her to do something, she does it. She doesn't have a lot of confidence and viewers naturally want to cheer her on until she gets some.

3.     The script offers the supporting actors lots of laughs. Although the focus is on the leading actors, the very funny script brings out the best in a series of supporting k-drama regulars. Song Ok Sook, who has played mom to so many k-drama stars, shines in this as the owner of a small restaurant in a fishing village. She has no qualms about taking Jang Hyuk's arrogant chaebol to task. She locks him up and pretty much forces him into a shotgun wedding.

4.     That leads to reason number three. Jang Hyuk plays spoiled chaebol Lee Gun. He seems to have it all but in reality women walk all over him. His grandmother, her mom and his selfish former girlfriend control his life. Women seem to think they can treat him badly and the way they do is funny. Song Ok Sook, Park Won Suk and Wang Ji Won have no compunctions about hitting him, forcing him to get married or leaving him when he is about to propose. That may be why he likes the quiet self-effacing Kim Mi Young.

5.     The Korean version of "Fated To Love You" is a remake of a very popular Taiwanese drama, which means viewers can watch both versions and compare. It's fun to have that option. A remake offers twice the drama.

Those are enough reasons to watch this comedy but there's also another one. Choi Jin Hyuk has a role in it and that's usually a good thing.

What do you think? Have you seen the comedy?

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