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Yoon Si Yoon
Jan 12, 2016 08:44 AM EST
Which K-Drama Actors Will Leave The Military This Year?
In the next few months K-drama fans can look forward to comebacks from Yoon Si Yoon, Park Ki Woong and Lee Min Ki.
Choi Si Won
Oct 16, 2015 08:39 AM EDT
Six Times The Second Lead Stole The Show If Not The Girl
Second leads are supposed to provide a worthy romantic opponent or there won't be much drama in k-drama comedies. But there's usually a convincing argument to choose one over the other.
Lee Jong Suk
Aug 14, 2015 07:44 AM EDT
10 Kdrama Actors Who Played Doctors
Wearing a doctor’s coat must be very appealing for k-drama actors. Some actors have donned that white coat more than once.
Choi Jin Hyuk
Jun 16, 2015 08:57 AM EDT
Choi Jin Hyuk's Active Duty Knee Injury Required Surgery
Choi Jin Hyuk has injured his knee while serving his mandatory military duty. The injury was so significant that Choi required surgery, from which he is currently recovering.
Kim Jae Joong and Choi Jin Hyuk
Jun 12, 2015 10:26 AM EDT
Military Leave Is Cancelled For Kim Hyun Joong, Choi Jin Hyuk, Kim Jae Joong and Park Ji Bin
Fears for the spread of MERS has affected the Korean entertainment industry in several ways.
JYJ's Jaejoong, Sungmin and Choi Jin Hyuk have entered the military.
Mar 31, 2015 12:10 PM EDT
Choi Jin Hyuk, Jaejoong And Sungmin Have Entered The Military
JYJ’s Jaejoong, Choi Jin Hyuk and Sungmin of Super Junior will be discharged from the military on the same date.
Jung Woo Sung in 'The Divine Move.'
Mar 12, 2015 05:49 PM EDT
Win A DVD Of ‘The Divine Move’ [GIVEAWAY]
‘The Divine Move’ is coming to DVD and Blu-Ray on March 17.
Choi Jin Hyuk
Mar 12, 2015 10:09 AM EDT
Choi Jin Hyuk Wants To Romance Gong Hyo Jin
What Choi Jin Hyuk wants to do when he finishes military duty is to film another romantic comedy and he knows exactly which actress he would like to film one with.
Choi Jin Hyuk
Feb 28, 2015 11:36 AM EST
Choi Jin Hyuk Will Depart For His Military Service On March 31
The “Pride and Prejudice” star will begin his mandatory military service term on March 31.
Choi Jin Hyuk is part of the cast of 'Vampire in Love.'
Feb 26, 2015 06:55 PM EST
Choi Jin Hyuk Vamps It Up In The Trailer For 'Vampire In Love'
'Vampire in Love' has released its official trailer and movie poster.
Jung Woo Sung is a tortured GO player bent on revenge in 'The Divine Move.'
Feb 23, 2015 06:16 PM EST
'The Divine Move' Is Coming To DVD And Blu-Ray On March 17
'The Divine Move' will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD on March 17.
Choi Jin Hyuk greets Taiwanese fans on 'Idols of Asia.'
Feb 13, 2015 03:57 PM EST
Choi Jin Hyuk Delivers Lunar New Year Greetings On Taiwan's 'Idols Of Asia'
Choi Jin Hyuk received a warm welcome from his fans at MTV Taiwan's 'Idols of Asia.'
Choi Jin Hyuk
Feb 02, 2015 09:20 AM EST
Choi Jin Hyuk Vamps It Up For A Supernatural Love Story
Viewers have already seen Choi Jin Hyuk play Gu Wol Ryung, a mythological creature known as a gumiho and now they can see him play a vampire.
Im Si Wan
Jan 28, 2015 11:58 AM EST
K-Drama Actors: When Their Baby Faces Deceive You
When ZEA’s Im Si Wan co-starred with Kang Ha Neul in “Misaeng, he looked years younger than his on-set office mate but at 26 he is actually two years his senior.
Kim Bum, Ahn Jae Hyun, Jung Il Woo and Choi Jin Hyuk
Jan 22, 2015 07:38 PM EST
Kim Bum, Ahn Jae Hyun, Jung Il Woo and Choi Jin Hyuk Attend a VIP Premiere of Upcoming Film 'Gangnam 1970' - Jan 20, 2015 [PHOTOS]
Kim Bum, Ahn Jae Hyun, Jung Il Woo and Choi Jin Hyuk Attend a VIP Premiere of Upcoming Film 'Gangnam 1970' - Jan 20, 2015 [PHOTOS]
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