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Tiny G's Do Hee Talks About Acting Without A Dialect

BY Chin D | Jul 17, 2014 10:41 AM EDT

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How is Do Hee adjusting to speaking in a Seoul accent?

On July 16, a press conference was held at the CGV Cinema in Apgujeong for the upcoming horror film "Tunnel."

Do Hee, who portrays a ghost in the movie, said, "It's the first movie that I did, and I think I exerted more effort in this project than in my other dramas. The director and everyone else helped me a lot, and because they pointed out what I was lacking in, I learned a lot from them."

She also expressed the difficulties she experienced, saying, "I was in a lot of pressure because they asked me to speak in a Seoul accent and drop my dialect. Because of this requirement, I really practiced my Seoul accent a lot. I worked hard, but I'm not sure if native speakers will react well to it."

In a separate interview, she said, "I am a ghost in this movie. Most of the time, I wasn't allowed to move or even blink. It was very difficult."

"Tunnel" is about a group of friends who enter a mysterious tunnel during a vacation, starring Song Jae Rim, Jung Yu Mi, Jung Si Yeon, Son Byung Ho, Yeon Woo Jin, and Lee Jae Hee.

The movie is scheduled to premiere on August 13.

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