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Park Hae Jin's Chinese Drama Career

BY Julie Jones | Jul 22, 2014 11:01 AM EDT


Park Hae Jin's career has really taken off in the last year and not just in Korea. Not only is he a star in China because of his roles in the popular dramas "You Who Came From The Stars," "Doctor Stranger" and "My Daughter Seo Young" but he is becoming a bigger star in China because of his role in Chinese dramas.

Altogether he has appeared in four Chinese dramas. His 2011 Chinese drama "Qian Duo Duo's Marriage Story" had 270 million views in a week and 1.5 billion in two weeks. That record helped to earn the actor the LeTV Biggest Asian Star Award.

And in an unprecedented move, the rights to that Chinese drama have been sold to Japan. It will air on Japanese TV under the title "One Day My Prince Will..."

Park Hae Jin's other Chinese dramas include "Far Away Love," "Another Kind of Splendid Life" and "I Love Leo."

In the drama "Far Away Love," he played a man who can never betray anyone because of his own memories. Then he meets someone and falls in love. He's the young chairman of a company but he speaks his lines in Korean. But that doesn't mean it's easy. He has to memorize the other actors' lines, acting directions and movements as well.

"All Chinese dramas contain voice overs and subtitles regardless of the nationalities of the actors that star in them," Park Hae Jin told Arirang News. "It's definitely more demanding than acting in Korea but the upside is I can pay more attention to my fellow actors."

One reason his Chinese drama may have sold to Japan is the fact that he's also popular there. He recently held a concert in Japan and the reaction was enthusiastic. A lot of people recognize him when he goes to Japan so that makes him think that many people in Japan have watched his dramas.

His next role will be in a Korean drama film. He will play the role of Lee Jung Moon, a genius psychopath in the 11-episode drama "Bad Guys." The character's youthful innocence helps earn him the title of "the youngest serial killer."

It was difficult to fit the role into his busy schedule but as soon as he saw the script, he wanted the part.

Will he return to China for more drama work? It's very likely.

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