'Triangle' Lee Beom Soo Warns Kim Byung Ki


MBC Monday/Tuesday drama "Triangle" Lee Beom Soo told Kim Byung Ki that the reason that Lim Shi Wan died was because of his own greed.

On the last episode of MBC Monday/Tuesday drama "Triangle" (script Choi Wan Kyu, director Yoo Chul Yong, Choi Jugng Kyu) broadcast on July 29th, Yoon Yang Ha (played by Lim Shi Wan) died in the most meaningless way.  Jang Dong Soo (played by Lee Beom Soo) went to Yoon Yang Ha's adopted father Yoon Tae Joon (played by Kim Byung Ki) and requested an apology for having his father and sibling die.

Huh Young Dahl (played by Kim Jae Joong) used his strategy to send Ko Bok Tae (played by Kim Byung Ok) into a bankruptcy and sharpened the knives of revenge.  Hyun Pil Sang (played by Jang Dong Jik) said that it would be much better to kill Yoon Yang Ha instead of Huh Young Dahl and encouraged such behavior.

Ko Bok Tae watned Yoon Yang Ha to take care of it all.  Jang Dong Soo and Huh Young Dahl ran to save Yoon Yang Ha but Yon Yang Ha had gotten stabbed by a man and had lost his life.

Meanwhile, "Triangle" is about three brothers that separate after losing his parents and live for twenty years without even knowing the existence of each other. As they reconnect as brothers, the drama portrays the story of their love and success.

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