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K-Drama Actresses As Close As Sisters

BY Julie Jones | Aug 07, 2014 10:40 AM EDT


Actresses can be negatively portrayed as being self-absorbed. Think Jun Ji Hyun's character Chun Song Yi in "You Who Came From The Stars." Although she was a superstar she was not the best of girlfriends and more likely to make a frenemy than an unni. Her supposed best friend, played by Yoo In Na, was really resentful and jealous of her.

But off set quite a few k-drama actresses are friends and actually good friends and continue to support each other's careers.

In real life Yoo In Na is one actress who is happy to have another actress as a friend.

Yoo In Na is currently on the set of "My Secret Hotel," filming a drama about a divorced couple that meet seven years later. But her best friend singer-actress IU missed her so she sent over a coffee truck for the crew.

Yoon In Na posed for a photo in front of the truck bearing a banner that said "In Na unnie won't play with me because she's filming." Yoo In Na is posing in front of the coffee truck sent by her friend, IU.

In an interview with enewsworld earlier this year Yo In Na said that she and IU were very comfortable with each other.

"We both have the assurance that we will be friends for the rest of our lives," said Yoo In Na. "It's really rare to meet a friend like that in the world of entertainment, so I feel lucky. I went through some tough times in the past and went through a slump. I wondered if I had chosen the right path as an actress, but earning a friend like IU at the time gave me comfort and that itself made it worth the fight."

Gong Hyo Jin and Son Ye Jin are best friends and that makes sense if you think about the fact that they are both funny and charming. On the "Two O'Clock Escape Cultwo Show" Gong talked about her friend.

"Son Ye Jin is someone who is always honest and really hilarious."

Son Ye Jin is also friendly with Yoon Eun Hye, who filmed a cameo in her comedy "Personal Taste." The three actresses often spend time together.

One of Gu Hye Sun's best friends is actress Seo Hyun Jin. Gu cast Seo in her sort film "The Madonna." When Gu was writing the film, she ended up giving the main character some of her friend's traits so it only seemed natural to cast her in the role.

When describing Gu Hye Sun, Seo said "When you have her as a friend you don't need other friends. You can talk to her about everything."

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