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'Fated to Love' Yoon Jong Hoon And Kim Ye Won Pushes Off The Wedding

BY Staff Reporter | Aug 08, 2014 03:03 PM EDT

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"Fated to Love' Yoon Jong Hoon and Kim Ye Won tried to convince Lee Jung Eun to engage in a legal marriage.

On the 46th episode of SBS daily drama "Fated to Love" (director Ahn Kil Ho, script Choi Yoon Jung) broadcast on August 5th, Kim Woo Joo (played by Y oon Joong Hoon) asked Hong Mi Rae (played by Kim Ye Won) how it'd be to get married first and went against the opposition of Park Soon Ja (played by Lee Jung Eun). Here, Park Soon Ja was not thrilled about the reunion between Kim Woo Joo and Hong Mi Rae.

On this day, the mystery of the births of Choi Yoo Bin and Choi Yoo Ri was also brought to light as Choi Yoo Ri heard the words of her mother's nurse.  Choi Yoo Bin said that she remembered her mother teaching her about how to ride a bike when she was three.  After asking her if she remembered her mother, she looked even more confused.

Meanwhile, "Only Love" is a daily drama television series starring Seo Ha Joon, Im Se Mi, Lee Kyu Han, Nam Bo Ra, Yoon Jong Hoon, and Kim Ye Won.  As these three couples fall in love, they explore issues of age difference, blood ties and adoption, and wealth and poverty.

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