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Before And After: Celebrities Who Lost Weight

BY Chin D | Aug 12, 2014 09:18 AM EDT


Which celebrities went through some major weight loss?

On August 10, MBC's entertainment program "Section TV" gather several reporters to talk about celebrities who underwent a physical transformation by losing weight.

Idol rapper and actor T.O.P is known for having a big built when he was younger. Before he was slated to become a member of his group Big Bang, YG Entertainment's CEO Yang Hyun Suk made T.O.P promise that he would lose weight before their debut.

In a span of forty days, T.O.P was able to lose twenty kilograms from his original ninety kilogram weight, making him the celebrity who went through the most dramatic weight change.

Actor Jung Kyung Ho also underwent weight loss. The reporters shared a story of how Jung Kyung Ho would eat ten meals per day back when he was a student to the point that his father, who is a famous director, got fed up and yelled at him for eating so much.

Like the other two celebrities, actress Kang So Ra was also chubby when she was growing up, weighing over seventy kilograms when she was a student. Even with her slim and glamorous figure at present, the actress admits that it is very easy for her to gain wait, so she is very conscious about what she eat.

What do you think of the celebrities after they lost weight?

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