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So Ji Sub Talks About Marriage

BY Julie Jones | Aug 26, 2014 11:22 AM EDT


So Ji Sub recently completed a successful tour of six Asian countries, greeting thousands of fans at each stop. He also spoke with the media at several locations during the "So Ji Sub 1st Asia Tour." One of the questions that interviewers were eager to ask him was how he felt about marriage.

When interviewed by Chinese media, the actor, rapper and successful entrepreneur said that it's a question he is often asked. And it may be that it comes up more often these days, as he gets closer to his ideal age for getting married. He's 37 and his target date is only three years away.

 "To be honest, I wanted to get married before I hit 40, but since I don't have much time left, I think it'll be difficult," he said. "I personally believe that once you start seeing someone, you have to see them for at least a year before getting married. I think it'll be hard for me to get married before 40."

The star of "The Master's Sun" and "Phantom" did describe his ideal partner, so anyone interested could take note and see if they fit the profile.

He's looking for someone who is considerate and understands his work. That's more difficult than it sounds.

"In the beginning they all seem to think they can understand my profession, but I think most people find it difficult," he said. "Even when I want to see them, I often can't go see them because of work."

One person he should rule out marrying is anyone related to his best friend Song Seung Hoon. Newsen once asked Song Seung Hoon if he would marry So Ji Sub, that is, if he were a woman. Song Seung Hoon said no.

"He's very stiff, stubborn and boring," joked Song Seung Hoon. "If he were to marry my sister she would be too bored."

If that were true they would not have been friends for so many years.

So Ji Sub has in the past said he would date openly if he did find someone he was thinking of marrying. He was rumored to be dating After School's Jooyeon, but he denied that they were a couple and said they were merely friends.

So Ji Sub may not be aware of the fact that there is another singer who would not mind going out on a date with him. Red Velvet member Joy was recently asked which actor most closely resembled her ideal type. She said that she prefers men who have So Ji Sub's personality.

So Ji Sub take note.

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