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Park Shin Hye Says Yes To 'Pinocchio'

BY Julie Jones | Sep 04, 2014 09:24 AM EDT


Park Shin Hye's agency, S.A.L.T. Entertainment, has confirmd that she has signed on for the leading role in the upcoming SBS drama "Pinocchio."

The actress will play Choi In Ha, a 20-something rookie reporter who covers local news. Choi In Ha suffers from the very embarrassing "Pinocchio syndrome." If you don't remember the children's story, Pinocchio's problem was that he could not tell a lie. Every time he did his nose grew longer and everyone knew he was lying. Choi In Ha's Pinocchio syndrome takes the form of hiccups. Every time she lies, she begins to hiccup. That may have been why she became a journalist, as reporters are dedicated to searching for the truth.

According to her agency, Park Shin Hye was motivated to take the role of Choi In Ha because of the character's sincere and forthright personality.

It's also possible that Park Shin Hye saw herself in the character. Park Hye Reon, who wrote "I Hear Your Voice" was said to have written "Pinocchio" specifically with Park Shin Hye in mind. Both the director Jo Soo Won, who directed "I Hear Your Voice," and the producer Hwang Ki Young were eager to have Park play the role.

It has been a busy year for the actress with a small screen role in "The Heirs" and her role as a fashion-conscious queen in the film "The Tailors." Her commitment to "Pinocchio" signals her return to the small screen.

The next step is to cast her leading man. Kim Woo Bin originally considered playing Choi Dal Po, the leading male role in "Pinocchio." Choi Dal Po is a smart, witty young reporter with perfect recall. That casting would have been an interesting rematch as Kim Woo Bin played the second lead in "The Heirs." Park Shin Hye previously had a rematch with her "You're Beautiful" second lead Jung Yong Hwa when she co-starred with him in "Heartstrings. But Kim Woo Bin could not fit the drama role into his schedule.

After he declined, Lee Jong Suk Suk was asked if he would like the role. His agency, Wellmade Entertainment, has said that he is considering the offer. The drama's writer and producer are eager to have Lee Jong Suk as they worked with him in the very successful "I hear Your Voice."

Lee Jong Suk recently finished filming "Doctor Stranger," in which he played a North Korean defector and medical genius. He also contributed extra scenes to the Chinese film version of that drama.

Fingers crossed as the chemistry between Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk could sparkle. The series will air in November, following "My Lovely Girl."

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