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‘The Korean Peninsula,’ Kwak Heesung And Kim Jungeun’s Surprise Kiss Shakes The Hearts Of Women!

BY Staff Reporter | Mar 14, 2012 03:40 AM EDT


In  'Sandglass,' Kwak Heesung portrayed one of the best lovers and has continued to glow with charisma and make hearts skip beats.

In the 12th episode of 'The Korean Peninsula,' the character of Kim Jungeun was accepting death and Kwak Heesung's character watched over her and stated, "From now on, you will live as my wife," and stole a kiss.

However, through the proposal, Kim Jungeun still has the strong will to live. Kwak Heesung's character has always loved her and put her life and happiness first.

Kwak Heesung's character's sincerity and determination to save his love, even if that means death, has caused viewers to hold back tears.

Just like how Kwak Heesung moved the audience with his performance in 'Sandglass,' the producers plan to do it again with 'The Korean Peninsula.'

Kwak Heesung stated that he was very nervous about the kiss, but he said he pulled through because Kim Jungeun did so well in leading him. They were able to get the scene in one take and Heesung stated that it was so well done that it left many of the male staff jealous. 

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