‘It’s Okay, Roommate’ To Air Season 2 With New Members And Concept

Hong Soo Hyun
Lee Dong Wook
Seo Kang Jun

SBS reality program "Roommate" went through difficult times during its first run, prompting it to undergo major changes as it enters a new season.

With the rumors, controversies, and cast departures that took place during the first season, "Roommate" representatives decided on changing its concept and name to better suit the audience and its cast.

For its second season, the variety program will be called "It's Okay, Roommate," which will consist of the remaining members from the previous season, and additional members who will bring new color to the program.

Producer Park Sang Hyuk stated, "We are taking the show in a different direction with the new 'It's Okay, Roommate' cast members."

He further explained, "In the first season, we took celebrities who didn't know one another and had them live under one roof. For the second season, we will focus on their individual lives as celebrities, and also help them overcome their problems as a part of the 'It's Okay, Roommate' family."

Finally, he said, "Similar to the previous season, the new members are celebrities who aren't usually in reality shows."

Following the departure of four of its original members, only seven remain, including actors Lee Dong Wook and Seo Kang Joon, and actress Hong Soo Hyun.

Meanwhile, the final episode of the first season will air on September 14.

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