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Song Seung Hun Talks About His Bromance With So Ji Sub

BY Chin D | Sep 10, 2014 07:26 AM EDT


Actors Song Seung Hun and So Ji Sub are two of the biggest stars of their generations. What do these hunks have in common?

During a recent interview, Song Seung Hun talked about So Ji Sub, whom he described as "a friend I've known since before we became celebrities."

He added, "Over the past twenty years, the two of us have become as close as brothers. He's been receiving a lot of love as an actor, and I'm proud of his success. Because we've been friends for a long time, we meet up for a drink often, and we talk about our experiences from the past."

On the topic of their drinking habit, the actor shared, "Looking at So Ji Sub, he seems like he can drink so much more than I can, which is true. I'm fond of drinking, but I have a low tolerance for alcohol. I can take a bottle of beer and a couple of bottles of soju, but So Ji Sub can drink much more."

He further explained, "When I'm drunk, I'm the type to fall asleep, but when So Ji Sub drinks, he randomly raps and sings hip hop. It doesn't suit him very much."

Lastly, on something that he wants his friend to achieve, he said, "I want him to meet a good person and get married right away."

What do you think of their friendship?

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