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‘Nodame Cantabile’ Star Ueno Juri Is Looking Forward To The Korean Remake ‘Tomorrow Cantabile’

BY Chin D | Sep 15, 2014 09:28 AM EDT


Japanese actress Ueno Juri is best known for her role as the quirky Nodame in the Japanese live-action drama "Nodame Cantabile." What does she think about the Korean adaptation "Tomorrow Cantabile?"

During her visit to Korea, Ueno Juri was interviewed by news portal Yonhap News regarding her thoughts on the Korean adaptation "Tomorrow Cantabile" starring Shim Eun Kyung and Joo Won, and she said, "I'm not setting any expectations, but I'm really excited about watching it."

She continued, "When I heard that there was a Korean adaptation, I was really happy because it meant that the Korean viewers liked the Japanese drama. I'm looking forward to it, especially because Nodame is my first main role, and the production is special to me."

The actress also talked about her Korean counterpart Shim Eun Kyung, and admitted to being a fan after watching the latter's performance in the film "Miss Granny."

Ueno Juri said, "I learned that she's the same as when I did 'Nodame,' and that it's also her first time to be a drama lead. Being in a similar situation as I was back then, I hope she also enjoys being in the drama, and become successful. I was told that Korean actors are determined and strong minded."

Finally, she concluded, "I believe those chosen to act in the drama are a perfect fit."

KBS's "Tomorrow Cantabile" is scheduled to premiere on October 13.

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