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'It's Okay It's Love" Ending Party With All Actors

BY C Han | Sep 16, 2014 08:42 PM EDT


SBS Wednesday/Thursday drama 'It's Okay it's love' Jo In Sung, Gong Hyo, Lee Sung Kyung, Lee Kwang Soo, X.O, Dio

The closing party of SBS drama "It's Okay It's Love" is released.

These pictures were featured on the social networking sites of Choi Moon Kyung who played the role of Ji Hye Soo (played by Gong Hyo Jin)'s sister.  Choi Moon Kyung said on her Instagram on September 12th, "Jo In Sung is a great actor, my pretty Lee Sung Kyung" "Her eyes were so big and innocent, they were great Do Kyung Soo" as she uploaded the pictures.  In the picture, there were Choi Moon Kyung, Jo In Sung, Lee Sung Kyung, Do Kyung Soo (played by X.O Dio) as they were all posing in a friendly way.

Actor Lee Kwang Soo was also on this Instagram with a shot of the ending party.  In the picture, Lee Kwang Soo, Gong Hyo Jin, Choi Moon Kyung, Tae Hang Ho, Do Sang Woo, and producer Kim Kyu Tae are smiling brightly.

Meanwhile, "It's Okay, It's Love" stars Jo In Sung, Gong Hyo Jin, Lee Kwang Soo, Sung Dong Il, and EXO's D.O. It's a story about how the members of the younger generation experience all kinds of pain and troubles both inside and out, and how they come to deal with these everyday issues. It airs every Wednesday and Thursday on SBS.

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