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Ueno Juri And Shim Eun Kyung Meet; 'Tomorrow Cantabile' Releases Behind-The-Scenes Of Filming

BY Chin D | Sep 18, 2014 08:50 AM EDT


Before Seol Nae Il, there was the beloved quirky character Nodame.

On September 18, production company Group 8 released a photo featuring Japanese actress Ueno Juri, who shot to fame after her portrayal of Nodame in the drama "Nodame Cantabile," and her Korean counterpart Shim Eun Kyung, who will be portraying the pianist Seol Nae Il.

In a previous interview, Ueno Juri expressed that she was excited about Shim Eun Kyung, saying, "I learned that she's the same as when I did 'Nodame,' and that it's also her first time to be a drama lead. Being in a similar situation as I was back then, I hope she also enjoys being in the drama, and become successful."

Meanwhile, following the release of Joo Won and Shim Eun Kyung's character posters as the genius student-conductor Cha Yoo Jin and eccentric piano student Seol Nae Il, respectively, a set of behind-the-scenes pictures during their first filming for the drama were also released.

As stated by the production team, the scenes were filmed at the Gyeonggi province near Seoul on September 10.

During the filming, Joo Won and Shim Eun Kyung were reported to have gone through every little detail with their scriptwriter, showing the duo's dedication in portraying their characters to the best of their abilities.

The staff were also surprised by their chemistry, especially when Shim Eun Kyung had to act cutely towards Joo Won for one of their scenes.

"Tomorrow Cantabile" is scheduled to premiere on October 13.

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