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“Tomorrow Cantabile” Updates On Joo Won, Other Characters

BY Chin D | Sep 23, 2014 11:21 AM EDT


Rising the anticipation for the drama "Tomorrow Cantabile," production company Group 8 revealed photos of actor Joo Won practicing, as well as pictures of the secondary characters who will be taking part in the drama.

Joo Won's character Cha Yoo Jin is known as a musical genius who is capable of playing the piano and violin, as well as knowing how to conduct an orchestra.

To portray his character realistically, it was revealed that Joo Won is taking up intensive classes in addition to his other preparations for the drama.

He is also taking up conducting lessons from Lee Jong Jin, the musical director for the drama, who said, "I'm surprised at how hardworking Joo Won is. Even with his busy schedule and other projects, he is really making time for his preparations for the drama."

The director added, "Even talented music majors are difficult to instruct, especially with their bad habits, but Joo Won has a great attitude. He is meticulous, and he's also absorbs the lesson fast, which is a good trait to have when learning music."

Meanwhile, additional teaser photos for the secondary characters were also revealed.

Tiny G's Do Hee, Ko Kyung Pyo, Park Bo Geom, and Jang Se Hyun will be making up the musical group "Classic 4," and their characters will be the ones helping out Seol Nae Il and Cha Yoo Jin in their student orchestra.

Do Hee will be Choi Min Hee, a contrabass major; Ko Kyung Pyo will be Yoo Il Rak, a violin major; Jang Se Hyun will be Ma Soo Bin, a timpani major; and Park Bo Gum will be Lee Yoon Ho, a cellist from the Julliard School of Music.

According to a representative, "Despite having unique and difficult-to-portray characters, the actors are determined to do their best, giving the drama explosive energy and enthusiasm."

"Tomorrow Cantabile" will premiere on October 13.

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