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JYJ Talks About Being On Public Broadcast After Several Years

BY Chin D | Sep 24, 2014 08:24 AM EDT


The kings really have returned.

During the press conference for their "214 JYJ Asia Tour The Return Of The King," the musical trio JYJ (Kim Jun Su, Park Yoo Chun, and Kim Jae Joong) expressed their thoughts towards being able to perform in the Incheon Asian Games.

Kim Jun Su began by saying, "We were invited to become ambassadors, and we worked diligently performing the tasks expected of us, like filming the promotional music videos, performing during events, and being present during the event."

He also said, "There were difficulties that we faced involving this ambassadorship, but we're happy that we were able to stand on stage and receive cheer. As a singer, it's refreshing that we (JYJ) were able to perform and be given the spotlight during an event."

Kim Jae Joong explained, "It's been four years since we were seen on broadcast, aside from a short appearance during the inauguration of President Park Geun Hye, where we were showed for a few seconds. It's been a long time, and because of this, we're all excited. There were many people who sent us their congratulations."

Park Yoo Chun also expressed his thoughts, and said, "We were congratulated for something as trivial as that. Before, we just wanted to get through the Incheon Asian Games and perform, but after the event, people started congratulating us and giving us praise, and it made me feel touched. I was a bit teary-eyed."

He added, "It was interesting to receive messages from friends and colleagues congratulating us about being shown on public broadcast. I felt very grateful towards them."

The group also expressed, "There were many disappointing events leading to the opening ceremonies, but despite this, we're very happy to be able to stand on stage at to perform at such a wide-scale event. We think of it as a positive thing.

Meanwhile, the group is working hard on their "JYJ The Return Of The King" concert tour to promote their second album "JUST US."

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