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‘The Chaser’ Kim Sang Jung: “I Killed Soo Jung”

BY Staff Reporter | Jun 13, 2012 10:02 AM EDT


Kim Sang Jung, playing the role of Kang Dong Yoon in SBS Monday-Tuesday drama 'The Chaser', revealed to Seo Ji Soo (played by Kim Sung Ryeong) that he committed murder.

The fifth episode of the afternoon series shows Kim San Jung, whose ambitions faced a major obstacle, disclosing his murder and using Kim Sung Ryeong's character in order to overcome the challenges, shocking the show's viewers.

The actor's character Kang Dong Yoon faced the risk of having his plans ruined by Seo Young Wook (played by Jeon No Min). In addition, Shin Hye Ra (played by Jang Shin Young) suggests to Dong Yoon that he tell the truth to his wife and Young Wook's sister, Seo Ji Soo (Kim Sung Ryeong), in an effort to thwart Young Wook by using Ji Soo.

Facing no other options, Dong Yoon eventually tells Ji Soo: "That kid, Baek Soo Jung... I killed her... She made it through the operation and was about to wake up. So I killed that child."

Ji Soo is surprised at first but soon realizes that she now effectively has leverage over Dong Yoon, secretly becoming gleeful. As expected, Soo Ji subsequently checks Young Wook, saving Dong Yoon from trouble.

Netizens took to the web to express shock and curiosity, wondering how the plot will develop now that Seo Ji Soo is in on the terrible secret.

'The Chaser' follows the story of detective Baek Hong Suk (played by Son Hyeon Joo) as he tries to uncover the conspiracy of his daughter's untimely death, and reporter Seo Ji Won as she becomes conflicted between reporting corruption and protecting her brother-in-law Kang Dong Yoon, a top presidential candidate who is part of a corruption scandal.

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