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Shin Hyun Joon Departs From ‘Bridal Mask’

BY Staff Reporter | Jun 17, 2012 08:37 PM EDT


Shin Hyun Joon of KBS's Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Bridal Mask' encouraged Joo Won for his transformation for Part 2 of the drama,'revealing a brotherly love until the end.

On the 14th, Shin Hyun Joon updated his Twitter, "I bow in thanks to those who supported me during my appearance in 'Bridal Mask.' I will pass down the bridal mask, which holds my affection, sweat, and passion, to my loving younger brother. He will be a greater Gaksital than I was. Please love 'Bridal Mask' to the end and fighting to my younger brother Joo Won!"

On the 14th, Kang San (Shin Hyun Joon) died at the gunshot by his younger brother Kang To (Joo Won). As Kang San, who was also stabbed in order to save his younger brother, died, Kang To found out the truth and became wrapped in confusion. Because of this, he wears his older brother's bridal mask and transforms into a new hero.

Audiences sympathize for the fate of these two brothers, "Yesterday's tear acting was the best. Shin Hyun Joon made 'Bridal Mask' shine. I won't forget his stupid and bridal mask double acting. I'm curious as to how Joo Won will become the next bridal mask."

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