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Jung Joon Ho To Appear Alongside Lee Min Ho In Upcoming Drama 'Faith'

BY Staff Reporter | Jun 18, 2012 11:34 PM EDT


Actor Jung Joon Ho is making his comeback to the television screen.

According to reports, Jung Joon Ho has confirmed his casting on the upcoming SBS Monday-Tuesday drama 'Faith', marking his first scheduled appearance on TV in more than a year and a half since MBC's 'Queen of Reversals', which concluded in February of 2011.

Jung Joon Ho has been enjoying pleasant days of late both in his career and private life, as his wife and announcer Lee Ha Jung recently became pregnant.

As a collaboration between producer Kim Jong Hak and writer Song Ji Na, 'Faith' is quickly gaining hype as the drama to watch over summer, with stars Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun confirmed on the cast. The drama is a story of love and adventure across time and space between a warrior of the Goryeo Dynasty and a modern-day doctor.

Jung Joon Ho will be playing the role of Ki Chul, a powerful player within the Goryeo government, playing a confrontational role to Lee Min Ho's character as well as a driving force of the plot. Instead of his usual comical, bright image, Jung Joon Ho will be showing a strong, forceful and charismatic side.

'Faith' is set to begin airing in August as part of a 24-episode series.

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