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‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ Kim Soo Ro Possessed By G-Dragon?

BY Staff Reporter | Jun 24, 2012 04:43 PM EDT


Actor Kim Soo Ro of 'A Gentleman's Dignity' imitated G-Dragon's fashion in his Hongdae date with Yoon Se Ah.

On the 21st, Kim Soo Ro and Yoon Se Ah filmed their date at a playground in front of Hongik University. On this day, Kim Soo Ro wore the skinny jeans and hood zip-ups popular among those in their twenties while beatboxing.

The reason for Kim Soo Ro's shocking skinny jean, hood tee, and high top sneaker transformation was love. Yoon Se Ah had told Kim Soo Ro to attempt the skinny jean look that men in their twenties enjoy.

Although Kim Soo Ro filmed the scene wearing tight skinny jeans and a layered hood t-shirt in the humid weather, he encouraged the staff and actors while they were fatigued from the heat.

On this day, Kim Soo Ro added several adlibs, such as beatboxing and hip hop dancing, making Yoon Se Ah laugh and creating multiple NGs.

According to a representative of the production company, "Kim Soo Ro and Yoon Se Ah are currently enacting a sweet but realistic love story. The two possess a bright personality and always create a lively filming site."

Kim Soo Ro's G-Dragon transformation can be seen on the 10th episode of 'A Gentleman's Dignity."

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