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Hyun Bin Plays Two Sides Of A Love Triangle In The Same Drama

BY Julie Jones | Oct 07, 2014 03:18 PM EDT

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If a character falls in love with another character's two distinctive personalities, does that constitute a love triangle? Hyun Bin is about to find out when he returns to the small screen in a romantic comedy tentatively titled "Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde."

The 20-episode comedy will be based on the Lee Choong Ho's webtoon titled "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." Hyun Bin will play a radio disc jockey and writer who has two very different personalities. He's aloof and cold during the day and warm and charming at night. This makes it more likely that his night personality will inspire people to fall in love with him. But one lucky woman manages to fall in love with both sides of him.

The character who falls in love with both his personalities has not yet been cast.

According to KPJ, the production company for this drama, the company is still in talks for the casting of the female lead and other main actors.

"We will enter filming mid-November," said the KPJ representative. The drama is expected to air in January or February of 2015. An amusement park is currently being sought as a filming location.

Jo Young Kwang who directed "A Well Grown Daughter" and "49 Days" will direct "Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde." Kim Ji Woon, who wrote "Cheomdamdong Alice," is the screenwriter.

The drama will be Hyun Bin's first since he returned from serving his mandatory military duty in 2013. He also spent most of 2013 shooting television commercials. He did take a role in the film "Fatal Encounter." It was his first period film. He played King Jeongjo, a king who had to deal with multiple assassination attempts. The film sold three million tickets.

Hyun Bin made his drama debut in the series "Bodyguard," but really became famous in the 2005 series "My Lovely Kim Sam Soon." In that drama he played a restaurant owner, who falls for a pastry chef, played by Kim Sun Ah. He became even more famous due to his role in the romantic fantasy "Secret Garden." His "Secret Garden" co-star was Ha Ji Won and in that drama they played lovers who magically switch bodies.

A drama about a disc jockey and writer with some reality issues sounds a lot like Jo In Sung's role in "It's Okay, It's Love," so it will be fun to see how Hyun Bin interprets the role.

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