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Ahn Jae Mo Returns To Small Screens Through ‘God Of War’

BY Staff Reporter | Jul 07, 2012 06:50 PM EDT


Actor Ahn Jae Mo joins the cast of MBC's weekend drama 'God of War.'

Ahn Jae Mo will play chivalrous Im Yeon, Kim Joo Hyuk's stepson. Im Yeon is a character full of loyalty and significant figure in the battle against Mongolia which brought Kim Joon to power during the Goryeo dynasty.

'God of War' will mark nine years since Ahn Jae Mo's return to an MBC drama after 2003's 'Scent of a Man.' Ahn Jae Mo announced, "I decided to appear in the drama due to the trust I have for Lee Hwan Kyung writer, who I've collaborated with in 'Tears of the Dragon,' 'Rustic Period,' and 'Yeon Gae So Mun.'"

Ahn Jae Mo revealed, "After being casted as Im Yeon, I researched the character because I was unfamiliar with him. I'm planning to focus on the emotions of Im Yeon, who will experience a series of reversals. Beginning with the blind loyalty he has for Kim Joon, Im Yeon will move alongside Kim Joon to possess the Goryeo power and rule the country. I think Im Yeon will contribute another exciting factor to the drama's second half."

Continuing, "I know that 'God of War' is typically popular among men. I've been casted for many roles which grab the hearts of men, and I'll continue to work hard this time as well."

Ahn Jae Mo will make his first appearance in the 42nd episode of 'God of War' airing on the 8th.

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