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Lee Young Ah Compliments “Actor Yeon Jae Wook Will Be Successful”

BY Staff Reporter | Aug 03, 2012 09:44 AM EDT


Actress Lee Young Ah sent an explosive compliment towards fellow actor Yeon Jae Wook of MBN's 'Natural Burials.'

On the 2nd, Lee Young Ah, Park Soo Jin, and Yeon Jae Wook attended the press conference for MBN's horror special TV film 'Natural Burials' at Nonhyun's Patio 9.

'Natural Burials' is the horror melo story of Chung Ah (Lee Young Ah), suffering from short-term memory loss, who witnesses her fiancé Jung Hoon (On Joo Wan) murdering the psychopath who loves her, and slowly finds out the truth.

Rookie actor Yeon Jae Wook has been casted as the psychopath 'Han Ki' and will greet audiences with his horror acting.

On this day, Lee Young Ah complimented Yeon Jae Wook, "When I saw his acting, I wanted to meet him and after finally acting with him, I realized that he'll definitely make it big in the future. There's charisma in his eyes, but when filming ends, he seems like a rural bachelor."

Continuing, "It's a relief that Yeon Jae Wook is in 'Natural Burials.' I hope Yeon Jae Wook becomes successful through this work."

Yeon Jae Wook revealed, "I don't feel any burden with violent acting. Since I'm still young, I have a lot to show audiences."

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