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‘Spy’ Yum Jung Ah’s 4-Level Transformation

BY Staff Reporter | Aug 18, 2012 10:39 AM EDT


Actress Yum Jung Ah flaunts her 'mannequin body' for her role as a female spy in film 'Spy,' directed by Woo Min Ho.

In 'Spy,' Yum Jung Ah plays the sole female spy who disguises herself from a relentless middle-aged woman to a beautiful, professional spy. Audiences are curious as to how she will develop her four-level transformation.

'Spy' is a film of spies more afraid of inflation than a report on a suspect of espionage, who engage in a double operation transcending thought. In the film, Yum Jung Ah plays an expert on maps and has the exceptional ability to grasp directions. In order to maintain a steady life for her only son, Yum Jung Ah works as a real estate broker as well as spy 'Codename Kang Deputy.'

From films 'The Big Swindle,' in which she played a femme fatale swindler, and 'Jeon Woo Chi,' where she played a female actress who could not act, Yum Jung Ah has captivated audiences with her eight-color charm and trustworthy acting. Similarly, Yum Jung Ah will transform from a middle-aged woman to a devoted mother, elite reporter, and professional female spy for film 'Spy.'

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