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'Five Fingers' Kang Yi Suk Had Intense Training To Act As A Prodigy Pianist

BY Staff Reporter | Aug 23, 2012 08:51 AM EDT


Child actor Kang Yi Suk had endless practices to act as a prodigy pianist. 

Kang Yi Suk appeared as Yoo Ji Ho, a prodigy pianist with perfect pitch, on the SBS weekend drama 'Five Fingers.'

On this episode, he freely played the OST 'Heart and soul' from the movie 'Big,' Tchaikovsky's 'Barcarolle,' Debussy Arabesque No. 1, Brahms Hungarian Dance No.6.

On the 22nd, Kang Yi Suk's mother revealed through SBS that his piano playing was a result of 2 months of playing. His mother stated, "After Yi Suk was casted for this role, he practiced 3 hours every day for 2 months. Certainly, another actor played as well to show a better footage for the drama." 

Other than his piano playing skills, his acting on 'Five Fingers,' also raised his awareness. His mother stated, "After appearing on 'Five Fingers,' he is gaining popularity. Recently, his close friend Kim Sae Ron invited him to the movie 'Neighbors,' and many people knew him and surprised me."

She added, "Yi Suk discusses different things with his friend and also child actor, Yeo Jin Goo. He also thinks of Yoo Seung Ho, who was also a child actor, as a role model. I'm proud of him, when he said he would grow as an actor through this drama."

Kang Yi Suk debuted in the 2006 drama 'Mr. Goodbye,' and appeared on, 'Lovers,' 'First Wives' Club,' 'Gourmet,' 'Life Is Beautiful,' and grew as a child actor.

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