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K-Drama BFFs Are Rare

BY Julie Jones | Nov 19, 2014 10:32 AM EST


K-drama heroines don't often have girlfriends. They often have to battle injustice alone. Sometimes she has a male best friend who might ruin things by falling in love with her. And sometimes a female friend can turn on her and become a rival. But a few k-drama leading ladies are lucky enough to have a female ally who stands by them until the end.

Actress Jung Ae Youn plays the latest example of a k-drama female best friend. She plays Na Yeon Hee, Park Si Yeon's fellow newscaster and loyal friend in "The Greatest Marriage." Everyone else, including the baby's daddy, is ready to turn abandon Park Si Yeon when she decides to become a single mom. Not Na Yeon Hee. She offers moral support, parenting and career tips to help Park's newscaster character survive her difficult decision. Na Yeon Hee knows firsthand that marriage is not necessarily the answer to a woman's problems.

When Son Ye Jin faces career and romance failures in "Personal Taste," who should be there for her but her loyal and true friend Lee Young Sun, played by Jo Eun Ji. Lee Young Sun helps Son Ye Jin survive the betrayal of her frenemy, played by Wang Ji Hye. And she suggests that Lee Min Ho move into Son Ye Jin's home, a move that will change her life for the better. Any friend that helps Lee Min Ho move into your home could be judged a good one.

Jo Eun Ji can also be seen in "The Greatest Marriage" as No Min Woo's editor sister.

From the time she was a high school thug, Choi Kang' Hees character in "Protect The Boss" has always relied on Ha Jae Sook's character Lee Myung Ran. She's a loyal ally while Choi Kang Hee struggles to find and keep a job. Her warmhearted nature even convinces Wang Ji Hye, who plays Choi Kang Hee's frenem,y to become a better person. Ha Jae Sook currently plays the "before" to Han Ye Seul's "after" in "Birth Of A Beauty."

Kim So Eun, who currently stars in "The Liar Game," played Gu Hye Sun's best friend Chu Ga Eul in "Boys Over Flowers." No matter how down on her luck Gu Hye Sun's character was, Chu Ga Eul was there for her. She helps her friend get over a bad date and provides the emotional support needed to survive life at Shinhwa High School.

Which k-drama best friend is your favorite? Did we miss anyone we should have included? Let us know.

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