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Actress Yoon Jin Yi Filmed 7 Advertisements After 'A Gentleman's Dignity': Proof of Popularity

BY Staff Reporter | Sep 20, 2012 10:21 AM EDT


Yoon Jin Yi, who played the role of Maeari in the drama 'A Gentleman's Dignity,' is attracting much attention for filming 7 CF's after the end of the drama.

In the episode of SBS's 'Midnight TV Entertainment' that aired on the 19th of September, Yoon Jin Yi revealed, "After 'A Gentleman's Dignity' I filmed 7 advertisements so far."

When asked if she is able to believe her popularity, she answered, "Before 'A Gentleman's Dignity' I was just a normal civilian. However, these days when I go to a restaurant, the mothers tell me that I am pretty and give me more food."

In addition, Yoon Jin Yi revealed the story behind her auditions for 'A Gentleman's Dignity.' About 200 girls tried out for the role of Me Ah Ri. She stated, "When an actress auditions for a role, they say 'thank you' and walk out. However, I wanted to say goodbye one more time." She revealed that she then went back, opened the door, and thanked them again with a lot of aegyo. Therefore, Yoon Jin Yi received the role of Me Ah Ri.

When asked who treated her the best, Yoon Jin Yi replied, "Kim Min Jong took care of me the most."

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