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Oh Yeon Seo, People Failed to Recognize Her Body – "Flawless Legs and Voluptuous Body"

BY Staff Reporter | Oct 03, 2012 10:32 AM EDT


Oh Yeon Seo's voluptuous body was revealed.

Recently in an online community, a post with the title "I Didn't Know This, But I Discovered That Oh Yeon Seo Has A Really Nice Body".

In the revealed picture, Oh Yeon Seo shakes off the image of reckless Mal Sook from KBS 2TV weekend drama "My Husband Got a Family" (aka Unexpected You) and shows her sexy side. Oh Yeon Seo was the opposite of Mal Sook, who was cute with a bouncy charm. She emphasized her bodyline with sophisticated charm.

The writer of the post said, "I thought she was just thin, but she has a good body. I'm jealous. Even though summer has passed, she has a body that makes me want to diet." The writer expressed her jealous over Oh Yeon Seo's voluptuous body. Oh Yeon Seo made the netizens jealous especially because she has both flawless legs and a voluptuous body.

The netizens had various reactions: "Oh Yeon Seo is really thin. I thought she was just thin, but she has flawless legs and a voluptuous body", "Is that type of body possible? Realistically, shouldn't she only have one of the two?", "Oh Yeon Seo has a unexpected body", "Oh Yeon Seo unexpectedly ambushed us". 

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