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‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 Premiere, Spoilers: Fans Await The Announcement Of The MTV Drama Series Air Date In 2015; Will Lydia And Parrish Build A Romantic Relationship In The Coming Season?

BY Anne Miller | Dec 08, 2014 10:31 PM EST


"Teen Wolf" Season 5, which has no confirmed premiere date yet, is overflowing with spoilers. Let the surprises begin.

Ian Nelson, who played the young Derek Hale, appeared in one of the episodes of "Criminal Minds" Season 10. TVLine reported that he portrayed the character of "an emotionally complex teen unnerved by taunts he and his friends receive in the form of morbid selfies posted online". Because of this, a lot of people are asking now, "Will he be back in 'Teen Wolf'?"

As for the fans of Lydia and Parrish, Ryan Kelley hinted in a MyFanBase interview that "Teen Wolf" Season 5 "might suggest a growing relationship between them". This is what viewers have to look forward to in the premiere and in the coming episodes.

He gave a few spoilers: "But Parrish is still a bit of an unknown, we haven't really seen yet where his romantic interests lie, maybe he's the kind of guy who's all about his job and doesn't think he has time for romance. Or maybe all the fans that have been hoping for a significant same sex relationship on the show will finally get their wish. I truly have no idea what's in store, but I'm super excited to explore whatever the writers come up with for Parrish in the romance department. It's 'Teen Wolf', so anything can happen!"  

Dylan Sprayberry, on the other hand, disclosed that "Liam will get a love interest next season" in an interview with Hollywood Life. He also said season 5 will see more of the friendship of Liam and Mason.

"I think if I eventually tell him about me being a werewolf, that'll open up a lot of doors for us to talk about things and not have to keep secrets, which has really been difficult for Liam this past season."

Soon as 2015 enters, let us all wait for the announcement of "Teen Wolf" Season 5 premiere date. For more spoilers, keep posted here.

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