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'Ooh La La Couple' What Happened To Han Chae Ah In The Past?

By Staff Writer | Oct 16, 2012 02:23 PM EDT


Victoria tells Yeo Ok something about her past that makes Yeo Ok feel different about her. 

In the KBS 2TV drama "Ooh La La Couple" on the 15th, Victoria (Played Han Chae Ah) told Yeo Ok (Kim Jung Eun) in the body of Soo Nam (Shin Hyun Joon) of her past.

Victoria was afraid that Soo Nam was forgetting her due to the accident and prepared bikes so that he could remember what they did together. When they stopped to sit, Victoria confessed, "You're good to me".

She continued, "I was adopted to Sweden the moment I was born. I was then alone since 15". She then told Yeo Ok that her 'father' did something horrible to her. Na Yeo Ok started to feel sympathy for the woman she hated.

Victoria hugged her from behind and said, "I thank God I met you. I thank God that he gave me someone I can love with my life" and got watery in the eyes. Yeo-ok thought to herself, "He's someone I want to get rid of but he's someone who is loved with all her life. You can have him back when we change bodies. He's done with me".

Meanwhile, Yeo Ok and Soo Nam still couldn't change back in this episode. 

"Ooh La La Couple" airs on KBS2 TV on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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