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‘The Innocent Man’ Rising Star Lee Yoo Bi, This Actress Stands Out

BY Staff Reporter | Oct 22, 2012 09:05 AM EDT


Actress Lee Yoo Bi shines brighter with each episode with her un-rookie-like acting.

She plays Kang Choco, the younger sister of Kang Ma Ru (played by Song Joong Ki), in KBS 2TV Wednesday-Thursday drama 'The Innocent Man'. Her character also harbors a crush on Park Jae Gil (played by Lee Kwang Soo). Lee Yoo Bi is making the viewers laugh and cry with the appeal of her fresh and colorful acting.

Lee Yoo Bi plays her character with such innocence that there are moments that cause feelings of tightness in the chest such as when Kang Choco has declared herself as Seo Eun Ki's (played by Moon Chae Won) dating coach. She made viewers laugh when explained to Seo Eun Ki what kind of physical affection she showed Park Jae Gil and told her that the ultimate achievement is to go on a vacation together. She also made them tear up when she asked her dead father to make Seo Eun Ki get better instead of granting her a wish.

The reviews are saying that there is a huge synergy boost from Lee Yoo Bi's serious acting and her bright and fresh appearance to portray Kang Choco's innocence.

Lee Yoo Bi has caught the eyes of viewers by showing not only her character's personality, but her own talents 200% in the drama. Kang Choco is an aspiring singer and during her audition scene, Lee Yoo Bi perfectly sings IU's 'A Good Day' in her own style. After the scene aired, she left a big impression as the scene became a huge topic and she reached high in the search engine rankings of internet portal sites.

The netizens said in compliment, "Kang Choco is really nice-hearted because she knows how to be kind to people who are hurting more than her", "Her one-sided crush on Kwang Soo is so cute", "She is a rookie to watch out for because of her innocence and seriousness. She is very charming", and "She is an actress that makes me fall for her more deeply each time".

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