Yeon Woo Jin And Jo Yeo Jung May Play Divorce Lawyers In Love

Yeon Woo Jin
Jo Yeo Jung
The Divorce Lawyer Is Dating

The contracts have not yet been signed but Yeon Woo Jin's agency says he is considering his first leading role in a broadcast drama. Yeon Woo Jin is up for the role of a divorce lawyer in the weekend drama "The Divorce Lawyer Is Dating," also known as Divorce Lawyer in Love."

Actress Jo Yeo Jung is considering the role of his cynical love interest in this legal love story.

Don't let the title mislead you, as it will be a story about the attraction between two divorce lawyers. And it will not be easy for them to negotiate a working romantic relationship. Divorce lawyers often have a professional handicap when it comes to dating. Having seen so many unions fail, they tend to be cynical about love and marriage.

The characters in this drama find themselves working together for the second time. They worked together before when she was a divorce lawyer and he was her office manager. He nagged her relentlessly in his role as office manager. She was also no fun to work with. They drove each other crazy. However, she was so unethical, so determined to win for her clients, that her misdeeds caused her license to be suspended. Years passed and he studied law, eventually becoming a lawyer. Then they both wind up working for the same law firm.

Only this time the tables are turned. She is his office manager and he is the divorce attorney. But neither of them has become easier to deal with.

So technically they are not both divorce attorneys at the same time, but they both know the ropes.

Yeon Woo Jin's last role was in "Marriage Not Dating." He had a role in two episodes of the drama special "Secret Love" and also recently appeared with Song Seung Hoon in "When A Man Loves." In 2014 he appeared in the film "Tunnel 3D."

Jo Yeo Jung has not appeared in a drama for three years. Her last role was in "Haeundae Lovers" and before that she had a role in "I Need Romance." She played an abducted wife in "The Target" and Song Seung Hoon's betrayed wife in "Obsessed." She also has a role in the 2015 film "Casa Amor: Exclusive for Ladies."

The script by a rookie screenwriter won the highest honors in the SBS Culture Foundation's first screenwriting contest.

"The Divorce Lawyer Is Dating" will air in March. The drama is set to follow "Here Comes Family." The drama is

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