Destiny Xur Inventory Won't Include The Gjallarhorn And Ice Breaker Any More? Bungie Employee Allegedly Admits Game Balance Is In Jeopardy With These Items

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Bad news for Destiny players as Xur will not sell the famed Gjallarhorn rocket launcher and the Ice Breaker sniper rifle any more if the reports and rumors are to be believed.

The Gjallarhorn and the Ice Breaker are considered to be as two of the best weapons in Destiny and rightfully so as they are the two weapons that are capable of turning any nightfall strike or raid boss into a joke.

And now it seems that Bungie would look into making these two weapons more difficult to obtain by removing them from Xur's inventory thus making the two weapons to only be obtainable via drops or lucky engram decryption.

An alleged Bungie employee took to 4Chan and had an "ask me anything" session on video games or /v/ board of the popular image board website.

The alleged Bungie employee admitted that the Gjallarhorn and the Ice Breaker are meant to be "boss killing" weapons and that the game's balance would be put in jeopardy if they make those two weapons available for purchase via Xur and every one would have access to these two boss killing weapons.

He pointed out these videos that demonstrate how easy the game would be if everyone had access to these weapons.

This video shows 4 out 6 people in a party having the Gjallarhorn and they were able to beat Atheon in just 17 seconds.

This video shows a team easily beating Crota with a help from a party full of Gjallarhorn users.

This video shows a user soloing a nightfall strike with huge help from the Ice Breaker.

The alleged Bungie employee then told them that they can't nerf the two weapons either as any nerfs to them would make them borderline useless and not feel as unique to compared to other legendaries and exotics in the game. Plus they know that gamers who have these items already wouldn't like it if the nerfed the weapons.

It should be noted though that the Gjallarhorn and the Ice Breaker was sold by Xur early on in the game and hasn't been sold since.

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