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‘Jurassic World’ New Dinosaur Unveiled! Indominus Rex Has Human Genes? Colin Trevorrow Reveals, ‘There Are Dinosaurs And There’s The Other’

BY Kenny Vis | Jan 12, 2015 10:43 PM EST


We all know that there will be a new dinosaur in "Jurassic World" and it was unveiled in the official trailer. Bryce Dallas Howard's character revealed that they created a hybrid dinosaur, which was originally called the Diabolus Rex or D-Rex.

We also heard Chris Pratt's character Owen saying in the trailer: "She's a highly intelligent animal. She'll kill anything that moves." New reports reveal that the name of the hybrid dinosaur was changed to Indominus Rex. According to Nuke The Fridge, the name of the new dino means Untamable or Fierce King.  It will be a crossbreed of the T-Rex, Velociraptor, cuttlefish, and a death adder.

We didn't get to see what the new dinosaur looked like in the "Jurassic World" trailer so fans still kept guessing what it looked like. Last November, photos of the D-Rex which is now called Indominus Rex, leaked online. The creature looks like a more terrifying T-Rex, but new images surfaced and it's far from what we expect.

A source revealed to the website that the Indominus Rex will have human genes spliced into its DNA. Maybe the scientists wanted to create an intelligent dino that's why they added the DNA of a human being to it. No wonder we heard Chris Pratt mention how smart the hybrid dinosaur is.

The new reports were based on the script that John Sayles wrote for "Jurassic Park IV" a few years ago. "The Spiderwick Chronicles" filmmaker featured human-dinosaur hybrids that know how to use guns in his script. The concept art leaked online and it looked pretty scary.

During an interview with E! Online, Colin Trevorrow revealed that there will be a new creature in "Jurassic World". He said, "There are dinosaurs and there's the other-there's this thing that is not one of them, that is not of them."

The director also revealed, "There's a lot of bold new ideas in the movie and I'm pushing it as far forward as I can. I know Steven [Spielberg] didn't want me to make a carbon copy of the earlier films. So we're going for it."

Trevorrow could be referring to the human-dinosaur hybrid as the thing that is not one of them. Maybe we will finally catch a glimpse of the new dinosaur in the "Jurassic World" trailer that will be shown at the Superbowl on February 1.

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