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‘Misaeng’ Kim Dae Myung talks about student loans

BY Staff Reporter | Jan 13, 2015 10:03 AM EST


Actor Kim Dae Myung who starred in the recently ended cable channel tvN's Friday Saturday drama 'Misaeng' shared that he is paying off his student loans. On a radio program, which aired today, actor Kim Dae Myung talked about his life as an actor on the popular drama 'Miseang,' and his life after 'Miseang.' He said on the radio program, "I still do not realize any changes in my life after Misaeng." When the radio program host Kim Chang Ryul pointed out that he is filming a lot of TV commercials, Kim Dae Myung said, "I am doing my best to pay off my student loans," and made people laugh. In related news, the cable channel tvN's Friday Saturday drama "Misaeng" tells a story of an entry-level businessman Jang Geu Rae, who is played by idol star-turned actor Im Si Wan of ZE:A, and his colleagues from the company. Im Si Wan used to be a ba duk student and, upon failing to debut as a professional ba duk player, starts to work at a big corporate company as a contracted employee.

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