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Playing Lee Jong Suk's Brother Was Complicated, Says Yoon Gyoon Sang

BY Julie Jones | Feb 04, 2015 10:46 AM EST


Yoon Gyoon Sang played Lee Jong Suk's revenge-driven brother Ki Jae Myeong in "Pinocchio." Jae Myeong was a complicated character, having no compunction about cold-bloodedly killing those responsible for his father's disgrace and at the same time, risking his life to save a stranger from being run over. It was a complicated role to play, said Yoon in an interview with the Korean media outlet Sports Hankook.

"I went through a lot of mental stress," said Yoon. "It was an emotionally consuming role to play. I think it would've been better if my character were a psychopath. However, Jae Myeong is a good kid. He had a lot of anger bottled up inside him. He was a miserable one."

Just reading Jae Myeong's lines made him both angry and sad.

"The director helped me a lot and that's how I got to be Jae Myeong."

It also helped to have an actor he could relate to playing his brother. Yoon worked with Lee Jong Suk once before in the competitive swimming film "No Breathing." In that film he played a member of the swimming club. Yoon said they were excited about working together again.

"I was worried and surprised," said Yoon. "We were really close and I wondered if I was capable of playing such a dark brother. I thought it'd be fun. But it was better than I thought. Jong Suk took care of me and gave me lots of advice. My actual brother is quite blunt but Jong Suk is very charming."

They may be as close as brothers and people think they look alike.

"I don't think we look that much alike but we feel like we could be brothers and people tell us that. Luckily, I looked like the older sibling and Jong Suk looks like the younger one."

Before appearing in "Pinocchio," Yoon Gyoon Sang played a detective in "Gapdong." Jo Soo Won, the director of "Gapdong," was also the director of "Pinocchio." He asked Yoon to audition.

"I didn't even know what role I was auditioning for," said Yoon. "Then he made a big decision. It must've been a trap. I was grateful he gave such a role to a rookie like me."

Yoon also had a role in the historical fantasy drama "Faith: The Great Doctor." The model-turned-actor played a member of the Woodalchi, the special guard led by Lee Min Ho's character. Yoon wants to try a variety of roles from dark to soft and romantic. Given his performance in "Pinocchio" he is likely to get the chance.

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