Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Release Date, Specs, Design And Features; Rumors Hint It Will Be Unveiled At Game Developers Conference 2015!

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Looks like good news for Surface Pro tablet fans as the most expected device of 2015 - Surface Pro 4 - could be coming soon!

No doubt, each Surface Pro has been better than the last and it won't be a surprise if Surface Pro 4 turns to be something special. After marketing the Surface Pro 2 as a tablet that could do more than other tablets, especially Apple's iPad, the tech giant Microsoft switched tact in order to make the Surface Pro 3 an all-out MacBook Air challenger.

For those interested in purchasing the Surface Pro 3, it is now $100 cheaper after Microsoft slashed its price to encourage consumers to buy the older tablet and make room for the new product. The promo has been extended to March 8.

According to TheFuseJoplin, the Surface Pro 4 is one of the most anticipated devices in 2015 and it's rumored to be unveiled somewhere in the third quarter. Just like its predecessor, the Surface Pro 4 will boast a Type Cover, which facilitates its transformation into a laptop. With rumors hinting an October release, speculation is going up as to when Microsoft will launch the Surface Pro 4.

TechRadar noted that Windows 10 is expected to drop around the same time. We will need to wait and watch if the Surface Pro 4 turns out to be one of the first to ship with Windows 10 pre-loaded.

Release Date

ChristianTimes suggests a July release. The report cites an insider source from Microsoft who claims, "Microsoft will reveal it on G.D.C., or Game Developers Conference." The Game Developers Conference is slated to be held in San Francisco, C.A. on March 2-6.

Besides the release date, strong rumors on the specs of the Surface Pro 4 have been making rounds. ChristianTimes confirms that the Surface Pro 4 is expected to have improved design. According to GospelHerald, the tech giant had a profitable fourth quarter last year with the success

of its Surface Pro 3.  The source further adds that Microsoft is certain to repeat success if the tech giant follows through on the rumor that the upcoming Surface Pro 4 will feature 4G LTE cellular functionality.

Surface Pro 4 Design

According to Design & Trend, which points to a Chinese news website  cnBeta, the Surface Pro 4 will come in two different sizes:

12-Inch display

14-Inch display

Apparently, the larger version i.e. 14-inch display is expected to compete with the iPad Pro and other monster tablets. As Microsoft's Surface tablets have been lauded for their designs, there are hardly any chances that the company may consider deviating too much from what has gone before.

On company's blog spot, general manager for Microsoft's Surface line Brian Hall said that the surface Pro 3's accessories will be in sync with the next-gen of the "Pro" line of Surface. Hall said that this commitment helps validate an investment in Surface Pro 3, as well as strengthens the company's overall commitment to the continued growth of the Surface brand.

Surface Pro 4 Specs

Starting at 64GB and going up to 128GB, 256GB and 500GB, the Surface Pro 4 could offer similar storage options to the Surface Pro 3. In fact, it wouldn't be a surprise if the company reveals a Surface Pro 4 featuring a 1TB storage option for the first time. Design & Trend states that the Surface Pro 4 will run on Windows newest OS, Windows 10 and will boast a 2,160 x 1,440 pixel-resolution display, up to 1TB of storage and 16GB of RAM. It will also come with Xbox game streaming.

According to TechRadar, the Surface Pro 4 will come with Intel's Core M 'Broadwell' CPU, which was made available to device makers in January.  Following Microsoft's acquisition of N-Trig, Surface Pro 4 could possibly come with new accessories. N-Trig is the Israel-based company that is behind Microsoft's Surface tablets' pressure-sensitive stylus technology.

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