'Destiny' Xur Inventory: Gjallarhorn Never To Be Sold Again But Drop Rate In Nightfall And Heroic Strikes Increased? Leaked Info About The 'Agent Of The Nine' And His Wares Detailed

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The "Destiny" Xur Inventory will no longer include the Gjallarhorn as a data miner has reportedly found out that the Gjallarhorn has been removed from the "Destiny" Xur Inventory list.

A Reddit user named "Megamanexe4" has posted a thread on Reddit which reveals that the Gjallarhorn has been removed from the "Destiny" Xur Inventory list and that a data miner has allegedly confirmed that Xur's Inventory has been predetermined by Bungie and it is not actually random.

"Concerning Xur, Agent of the Nine. The items he will sell are in a predetermined, ordered list," wrote Megamanexe4.

Megamanexe4 then continued, "There are a few instances where the data I mined did not match up with what he ended up selling that day, but the vast majority of what I mined lined up with what has actually been sold so far. The curios and upgrades have all lined up 100% so far. This week (Feb. 20), he is scheduled to sell Heavy Ammo Synthesis."

Megamanexe4 then noted that the exotic weapons "Hardlight" and "Thunderlord" would be sold in a later date while claiming that the Gjallarhorn is no longer scheduled to be sold in any week.

"Hardlight and Thunderlord are in the weapon table(Not this week. Hardlight and Thunderlord will be delivered at a later date separately. Currently, Gjallarhorn is not scheduled to be sold in any week," wrote Megamanexe4.

However, Bungie may have increased the drop rate of Gjallarhorn as users have claimed that the Gjallarhorn has been dropping for them in a small amount of time.

"Everyone around me (including myself) has gotten it in a very small time frame. It seems to be dropping everywhere, first crota raid chest, vog chest, at crota, nightfalls. I see one drop every time i do any of those lol," wrote Second_Hokage on GameFAQs.

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