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Ten Things K-Drama Leads Do That You Don't Want Your Boyfriend To Imitate

BY Julie Jones | Mar 02, 2015 08:08 AM EST


K-drama male leads do some pretty outrageous and wonderful things to make you fall in love with their character. Boyfriends may want to take note of the power of forehead kisses and back hugs. But would you really want your real-life boyfriend to do all of the things k-drama leads do?

Here are 10 of the habits that we think are probably not as persuasive in real life.

1.     The wrist grab. When So Ji Sub grabbed Gong Hyo Jin's wrist in "The Master's Sun" he was telling her that she was not better off without him. But in real life having your wrist grabbed would restrict your movement and you might want to hit the guy over the head with your purse. If it was not a double wrist grab that is.

2.     The makeover. Yeah, sometimes this works out and you get a nice dress or some make-up out of it but since k-drama leads make you over according to their own preferences, you might not agree that it's your best look. Case in point: Geum Jan Di in "Boys Over Flowers." She did not want Lee Min Ho's makeover and went back to looking like herself. When Ji Sung tried to revamp Hwang Jung Eum's make-up in "Kill Me, Heal Me," she thought she looked fine and gave the new makeup to her mom.

3.     The piggyback ride. Sure, it looks romantic but would you really want your boyfriend to suffer from a slipped disc the next day? Lee Min Ho did not look happy having to cart around a drunken Son Ye Jin in "Personal Taste."

4.     Kiss your face clean. Yes, Hyun Bin wiping the foam off Ha Ji Won's lip was sweet and Jung Il Woo kissing the kimchi off Lee Chung Ah's face was sexy, but aren't you a big girl? Can't you clean your own face? Maybe it would be a little insulting to have someone clean your face for you. Well, maybe not if it was Hyun Bin or Jung Il Woo.

5.     Follow you. It's sweet that k-drama leads feel the need to spy on the women they love but in real life it's a little creepy and stalkerish. We're talking to you Jung Yong Hwa. We saw you following Park Shin Hye around in "You're Beautiful."

6.     Break up with you for your own good. Ji Sung did that in "Kill Me, Heal Me." He figured if he were not around Hwang Jung Eum would not remember things she was better off forgetting. But there was no guarantee she would not remember anyway and breaking up just interrupted a lovely and mutually supportive relationship.

7.     Listen to what you are saying through the wall. That's what Kim Ji Hoon did to Park Shin Hye in "Flower Boys Next Door." As in number five, this is just a bit stalkerish.

8.     Leave a restaurant without paying the bill. This happens a lot in the middle of a dramatic scene. If this happens in real life, odds are they will hunt you down and make you pay the bill.

9.     Wear a sequined jogging jacket. Hyun Bin was adorable in his crazy glittery workout clothes but it could be embarrassing in real life.

10.   Kill people. This only applies to k-drama villains. It was obvious that Yoo Seung Ho loved Yoon Eun Hye and wanted to protect her in "Missing You" but killing people to keep her near was more than a bit over the top.

Is there any other k-drama male behavior that you think does not translate well in real life relationships? Let us know.

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