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Lee Min Ho Wants His Career To Be Like A Well-Read Book

BY Adrienne Stanley | Mar 05, 2015 03:45 PM EST


Lee Min Ho provided his perspective on his career and provided advice for young adults, during the Samsonite Red event.

On March 5, Starhaus Entertainment released video footage featuring Lee Min Ho, which was taken during the Samsonite Red event. In the subtitled video, the actor provided advice for young people in their twenties and provided his perspective on his career.

In the subtitled video, the event host asked the Hallyu star, “You said that you'd like to be a book that one would keep for a long time?”

He wittily responded, “It was a metaphor. For example, when a bestseller comes out, many people read it. But they don't read it over and over again. It eventually goes to the shelf. Well, I would like to be a book that people keep on their shelves after 10 or 20 years.”

Although, he is best known for his roles in "Boys Over Flowers" and "The Heirs," he has ventured past his comfort zone to embrace roles in action-packed dramas. His recent role in "Gangnam 1970" presented the challenge of filming intense action sequences, while embracing a more mature role. 

During the Samsonite event, he also provided advice for young people. He reflected upon his career trajectory through his statement, “I came into the world with nothing. To start from scratch and to achieve success is a very difficult thing to do.”

His Samsonite fan meeting video followed a recent Ask Lee Min Ho Anything event, which was organized by Starhaus Entertainment through Facebook. Starhaus published the actor's responses to the questions on March 3. The subject matter included his favorite type of dumplings and his preferred dishes for Lunar New Year.

He also showed affection for his fan base. When asked, “How can you always have the same heart towards your fans?” The star responded, “I think it's the same for my fans. How they always give me so much love and support.”

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