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‘Angry Mom’ Takes On Bullies

BY Julie Jones | Mar 11, 2015 01:03 PM EDT


A few k-dramas have taken on the subject of bullying. "School 2013," starring Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk is a good example. And there was plenty of bullying in "Boys Over Flowers," with Gu Hye Sun's character facing abuse from fellow students until Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Min Ho stepped in to save her.

The latest drama to deal with subject is the upcoming drama "Angry Mom." And the drama also deals with someone stepping in to save the person being bullied.

In this case, the person doing the saving is Kang Ja, one very angry mom, who still manages to look like a high school student. Kang Ja is played by Kim Hee Sun, who was last seen in "Wonderful Days" and also appeared in "Faith: The Great Healer" with Lee Min Ho.

Kang Ja was a tough fighter in her own high school days. She ruled the school. When she discovers that bullies are targeting her daughter Ah Ran, played by Kim Yoo Jung, she steps in. She decides to go back to high school and give her daughter' bullies a taste of their own medicine. And the foul-mouthed Kang Ja makes one scary high school student. She's so fierce even the teachers are afraid to stop her.

The teachers that she intimidates include the homeroom teacher Park No Ah. Park is played by Ji Hyun Woo of "Trot Lovers" and "Queen Inhyun's Man." He's idealistic and believes his is a higher calling. But Kang Ja has no problem physically tackling him or yelling at him. Although it is likely that she will eventually fall in love with him.

She also has no compunction about picking up a sashimi knife to threaten students. And when she sees her daughter's desk vandalized with curse words, she locks the classroom door and singles out the bullies who are responsible.

Revenge is thrilling but returning to high school is also informative. Kang Ja's return to high school helps her discover what is wrong about the current state of the school system.

The drama also stars Kim Tae Hoon, Oh Yoon Ah, Park Young Gyu, and Park Geun Hyung. B1A4's Baro, last seen in "God's Gift - 14 Days," plays a student.

The script for "Angry Mom" won MBC's 2014 scriptwriting contest. The first episode will be shown on March 18 after the last episode of  "Kill Me, Heal Me."

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