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Hong Suk Chun Clarifies That He is Not Transgender.

BY Staff Reporter | Feb 05, 2013 03:26 PM EST


Actor, TV personality and openly-gay Hong Suk Chun said he is gay but not transgender.

The actor appeared in the SBS show “Healing Camp” that aired on February 4th, opened up about his struggles as the first entertainer in Korea who came out as gay.

In the show, he was asked by the MCs, to help people understand what transgender is was and why didn’t he get operated like singer Ha Ri Su, he explained, “Unlike Ha Ri Su who was born a male but wanted to become a woman, I just like man. I don't want to cut off anything.”
He explained that they are both minorities, but they were different.

On the show, he was also asked about his ideal type and he revealed it was Song Seung Hun. He said, “I used to say that my ideal type was Lee Jung Jae, but he asked to stop saying it, so I change it to Song Seung Hun. I even asked him if I could say his name if I was asked. He said 'You better say it, I will be watching.'”

He and Song Seung Hun acted to together in the drama “Three Men, Three Women” in 1996 and since then he have had a crush on the actor.

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