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Han Hye Jin Helped a Burned Patient With Medical Expenses.

BY Staff Reporter | Feb 07, 2013 02:14 PM EST


Actress and “Healing Camp” host Han Hye Jin helped a burned patient with the hospital bill according to Seoul Sports.

The actress helped the patient from Myanmar with 30 million won ($27,500) for his medical expenses.

She learned about this patient who has come to South Korea to get treated for burn injures through church.

The patient was being treated at the Korea University Medical Center and whose initial cost of treatment was 100 million won but after doctors decided to volunteer to treat the patient, the cost of the treatment lowered to 30 million won.

The actress decided to keep her good deeds to herself and visited the hospital in December, in regular clothes and no make up to avoid being recognized, revealed a source from the medical center.

Even her agency and those close to her revealed that they didn't know of the her good actions.

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