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Lee Jung Apologizes for His Recent Comments About Park Bo Young

By Staff Writer | Feb 08, 2013 11:51 AM EST


Singer Lee Jung apologized to his fans for his recent scandal with Park Bo Young.

On February 6th, Lee Jung appeared in the MBC's music show “Concert QueenN” and was asked about his ideal type and he said he had Park Bo Young in mind. The MC then asked him what kind of articles he would like to see in 2013, and he said, “Lee Jung and Park Bo young in a relationship. Park Bo Young denies it. Lee Jung agree. Park Bo Young says he is just an oppa, and nothing more.”

After his comments, many male fans of Park Bo Young left messages and he decided to clarified the situation and on February 7th, he wrote on his Twitter, “This scandal happened because of my confession. I am sorry that you didn’t like it. Let's just laugh about it.”

He also explained that the context of the program was misunderstood, and that fans should watch the show to see how things really happened.

Netizens who saw his post said, “It seems like he was attacked by her fans.” “I can understand him, Park Bo Young is many people's ideal type.” “poor him , he had to apologize.” and more.

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