'Silent Hills' Release Date For PS4 CANCELLED After Hideo Kojima And Konami Split? New Details About The Controversy Surface

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The "Silent Hills" release date for the PS4 has been allegedly cancelled after the reported split between Kojima Productions and Konami.

Cyberland reported that the "Silent Hills" release date has been allegedly effectively cancelled after the split between Kojima Productions and Konami became known. The report notes that the development of the game is jeopardy as Konami has the rights to "Silent Hills" but Kojima Productions won't let them use the Fox Engine to make the game.

"Silent Hills has been cancelled. Hideo Kojima did not allow Konami to use the Fox Engine to make the game and Konami has since put the game on ice and my sources tell me that the project is now effectively cancelled," wrote Cyberland.

Gamespot has reported that Konami and Hideo Kojima's Kojima Productions are going to part ways soon.

"After we finish MGSV, Mr. Kojima and upper management will leave Konami. They said their contract ends in December," says Gamespot's source.

Gamespot's source than stated, "At a team meeting, Mr Kojima explained that team have to be one and make a good game for fans."

And finally, Gamespot then reported that, "Kojima, now 51, joined Konami in 1986. His departure from the company will bring an end to nearly three decades of service. In other developments, Konami has begun erasing the Kojima Productions logo from all official Metal Gear art, and it has demoted Kojima off its executive team. Meanwhile, Kojima Productions' branding has also been removed from Twitter, the official Metal Gear website, and even the LA office listing."

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