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'NBA 2k15' Cheats: New Locker Codes For APRIL 2015! GUARANTEED 15000 VC, Free Onyx Card For MyTeam And A Playoffs Themed Item For MyCareer!

BY Gunther Barbosa | Apr 06, 2015 09:32 AM EDT

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Get 15000 VC, a free Onyx card and a free playoffs themed item for MyCareer in this latest batch of "NBA 2K15" cheats.

The following "NBA 2K15" cheats and "NBA 2K15" locker codes have been given by Cheats For All.

Apply these "NBA 2K15" locker codes at the "Locker Codes" page in the options menu to claim these rewards:

  • MONSTERFLUSH - Grants 5000 VC
  •  THEKINGLIVES - Grants 5000 VC
  • ICHOOSEYOU - Gives random Playoffs themed item for MyCareer
  • POKEEMSON - Gives random Onyx card for use in MyTeam

Meanwhile, more "NBA 2K15" cheats, tips and tricks have been discovered and shared by players online.

In our previous report, we noted that popular "NBA 2K15" Youtuber, "WitnessGaming" posted a lot of tutorials on YouTube on how to get thousands of VC for MyCareer as well as posting videos on how to score easily in each game.

Chrisbuckets has written down the method on doing this VC farming exploit for"NBA 2K15"

Step 1: Start any regular career game like you normally would (you get the maximum vc if you put it on hall of fame).

Step 2: Once the game loads, start fouling as quickly as possible (whenever you have the ball just try to do a quick jumpshot or layup to satisfy your coach).

Step 3: Rapidly mash the x (or A button for xbox users) button during halftime or any free throws in order to finish the game asap. After you get into a good rhythm this will be a 5 minute per game type of farm.

Meanwhile, ExplicitSoundsTV posted a variation of this for the PS4 version of "NBA 2K15":

"Say 'F*** YOU' Clearly into your mic when you have the ball. I get technicals all the time for accidentally cussing. I tried doing this to speed up the process and you only need 2 technical fouls vs 6 reach ins or fouls. I suggest playing through the first half season (the one where you don't get drafted) on pro on 8-12min quarters. I never have seen someone get rookie of the year I'm pretty sure it's impossible because I see no trophy for it on ps4 and in the actual NBA you need to play 52 games to to qualify. I say 8-12minute quarters cause usually your coming off the bench for the most of the remaining games and this will allow for you to get more minutes to get buckets."

"Once you're done with the remaining games you should find the highest contract possible and sign to that team. After signing if your quarters aren't already at 12minutes switch it and change the difficulty to hall of fame. Start a game get the ball, clearly say f*** you into the mic. Don't yell just loud and clear. That's 1 technical they shoot free throws let them score (Idk(sic) if it works on defense I've tried but it usually doesn't happen)after they score get the ball say f*** you again in the mic. That's 2 technicals your ejected not even like regular fouls where you just sit on the bench the game will end instantly and wahlah vc for days."

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